Sunday, December 9, 2012

Makeup For the Seasons

When I came back from my PCA in Feburary of 2012, I was anxious to get my palette up close and personal with my makeup collection.  I was going to get rid of every color that was not Soft Autumn.  WOW.  I really didn't have much.  So the question much do you need?

I am learning about my personal coloring and how being a Soft Autumn means neutral/warm, but SOFT being the key word.  Muted and neutral with some warmth.  When I think of Autumn, I think spicy and rich.  My coloring really needs the warmth but not too much.  As soon as I get too warm, my skin becomes a bit sallow.  This includes (and most importantly) the colors in your clothing as well as makeup, hair color, jewelry, etc.  Getting it right is so key!

Going through my clothes and makeup, I knew that it wasn't going to happen over night.  No way?  I would love to start from scratch but it takes time to build a wardrobe.  I did get rid of all the brights in my closet and very sloowwwllyyy I'm getting rid of the black.

There is so much knowledge out there about makeup and clothes. has lots of makeup recommendations for the seasons.  I just placed an order from which has gorgeous makeup for the seasons.  Pictures to come!

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